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iPod®/Bluetooth® Integration


Integrate all the aspects of your life for more convenience and greater safety while driving.

When it comes to music, we all have our own tastes. You know what you like, and you don’t want to be distracted by searching the radio or changing CDs as you drive. You carry your music with you -- your iPod -- everywhere you go. Why not integrate it into your vehicle’s sound system? Of course the same thing goes for your Bluetooth. It only makes sense to integrate all the aspects of your life for more convenience and greater safety while driving.

iPod and Bluetooth Integration

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iPod/Bluetooth Integration


Alpine iPod and Bluetooth Integration


With Alpine, you no longer have to buy two devices to use your iPod and have Bluetooth capability. It's all in one, easy-to-install unit.

Audiovox iPod and Bluetooth Integration


An Audiovox smartphone interface allows you to find your vehicle, start your car, unlock your doors or pop the trunk from virtually any distance.

JVC iPod and Bluetooth Integration


Bluetooth is standard on some of JVC's receivers, allowing you to listen to your favorite music wirelessly from your cell phone's music player or other wireless sources.

Parrot iPod and Bluetooth Integration


Parrot's Bluetooth hands-free car systems are dedicated to conversation and music in the car.