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Navigation Systems


Let an in-dash navigation system deliver you from door to door.

Do you do a lot of driving for work? Or maybe you like to go out to new places with the family on weekends? Or you need to keep a tight schedule with no time for driving around lost as you try to find that new dry cleaner, restaurant, or friend’s house where you are expected for a play date? Let an in-dash navigation system deliver you from door to door!

Navigation Systems

No more struggling with maps, atlases, tiny scraps of paper you can’t read, or cryptic directions from a friend. No more second-guessing, “Was that the turn back there?”, “Is that a fork in the road?” If you have the address of your destination, the in-dash GPS navigation system will get you there without a hassle. You arrive on time, safe, relaxed and without needing to make excuses.

Most standard models include features such as:

  • Voice and image cues
  • A prompt for every turn
  • An estimated time of arrival
  • Point-of-interest locator to help you find nearby restaurants, gas stations, and other area attractions.


For professional installation of your in-dash navigation system, you can rely on Boomer McLoud. We will help you navigate the options so that you can pick a system to suit your needs.


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Navigation Systems


Alpine Navigation Systems


Enjoy worry-free driving with Alpine's fixed and portable navigation systems featuring turn-by-turn guidance, updated street maps, and points of interest.

JVC Navigation Systems


With a JVC navigation system, you don't ever have to get lost again. Why JVC? Their units have some of the fastest response times, so you're not stuck in traffic waiting for your directions.

Kenwood Navigation Systems


Kenwood navigation systems feature Garmin® GPS navigation, NAVTEQ® traffic data, lane assist, My Trend/Traffic Trend and split screen control.

Pioneer Navigation Systems


Pioneer's navigation line provides drivers with accurate, detailed route guidance, with options for entertainment, connectivity and information.