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Are you looking for superior sound from your car audio system? Do you want the professional range of tones you get from your home entertainment system? Adding an amplifier helps to broaden the range of tones in your car system when bringing a precise resonance to your music.

Boomer McLoud carries everything you need to make your car audio system sensational. From amplifiers to speakers, we will help you design a system that works for your vehicle, you lifestyle and your budget.

If you're ready to create the car audio system of your dreams in northwest Connecticut, let Boomer McLoud show you how easy the entire process can be.

Boomer McLoud Amplifiers
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Alpine Amplifiers


Alpine continues to bring you mind-blowing sound performance so you get the sound you deserve. Alpine's X-Power, V-Power and PDX amplifiers were specifically engineered to offer performance, sound quality and reliability in a small footprint.

JVC Amplifiers


JVC's amplifiers are agressively designed and engineered to add bold looks and powerful sound to your vehicle. High power output with efficient operation means you don't need to use a lot of power to hear your music loud and clear.

Kenwood Amplifiers


Use a single 5-channel amplifier to power your entire system. Kenwood's powerful one-amplifier solution for front and rear speakers, plus subwoofers, is an easy solution to enhance your vehicle's factory-installed sound system.

KICKER Amplifiers


KICKER's IX-Series, ZX-Series and DX-Series amplifiers provide affordable, reliable, relentless power for those who seek top features in a high-performance car audio system.

Memphis Car Audio Amplifiers

Memphis Car Audio

Memphis Car Audio's MClass, Power Reference, Street Reference and Memphis Reference amplifiers are engineered for high efficiency and low current draw with maximum output for the best possible sound.

Pioneer Amplifiers


From dramatic distinction to dramatic design, Pioneer's PRS Series, GM Series and GM Digital Series amplifiers are thrillers in every sense, pushing the limits of functionality and flexibility.